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Attorney Segadelli strives to provide clients with effective and affordable advocacy.  Achieving that goal begins by providing current and prospective clients with an honest assessment of their particular case or controversy.  That will allow us to set reasonable goals and objectives for the hanlding of your case.  Goals and objectives that, with rare exception, will will take into account the cost and expense of realizing the outcome desired by the client.


From there the office devise a stratey or strategies that is aimed at achieving the best outcome for the client.  Successfully executing that strategy will involve developing a plan of the actions and tasks necessary to obtaining the desired outcome.  Developing that plan shall require a full review of all the facts and circumstances of your particular case.  Those facts and circumstances shall be viewed objectively so that the office can continue to provide the client with honest advice about each client's particular case.  That, in turn, will allow us to continue create realistic expectations for the outcome of the case. 



Practice areas include ...
  • Business litigation

  • Civil litigation

  • Appellate practice

  • Criminal defense

  • Consumer protection

  • Constitutional law

  • Employment law

  • Personal injury

  • Civil rights

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