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After working with numerous attorney's over the years I was referred to David by a mutual friend. I can say that I am truly indebted to this friend for David has helped me in a number of matters successfully through the years. I consider his services a huge asset to my company.  David brings a personal touch and a knowledge of law second to none.  On several occasions David has helped me wade through areas of gray and make decisions based on interpretation of law.  David did not attempt to appease me in any way, he held steadfast to his belief in each matter.  This is important to me and has helped me make best decisions on matters.  I trust David wholeheartedly.


- Chris

I had the pleasure of working with David on a civil case - a contractual issue between myself and a condominium developer.  What I thought was a clear cut case ended up being far more complex than expected - including a default on a settlement, and some spirited and unorthodox tactics by the defendant.  Throughout the long process, David worked tirelessly on my behalf. He was on top of everything, was readily available when I had questions or concerns, and he pushed the legal system as hard as it could be pushed to bring the matter to an expedient conclusion.


Perhaps most important - David didn't tell me what I wanted to hear, but rather what I needed to hear about my case. As the topic was my home, I often got worked up over some of the details. David helped me separate my emotions from the legally relevant issues, and then crafted a solid, objective argument on my behalf.  I'm happy to say that we prevailed, and I was satisfied with the settlement. Since my initial case, I have retained David for other legal matters, most recently to review documents for a start-up company I planned to invest in.  I now consider David "my attorney", and I sleep a little better knowing that I have his card in my wallet.


- Keith

Attorney David F. Segadelli is knowledgeable in many areas of the law. He is responsive, considerate and a winner. His experience level is all-encompassing so he can represent you in a civil or criminal case. What impressed me most is his client loyalty and determination to win. In addition, he is detailed and thorough which is invaluable in the court room. The best way to win your case is by having an attorney with this skill set -- and David F. Segadelli has it.


- Elizabeth

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